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With more than 15 years in the search engine optimization business, we've developed the most powerful solution for smart business owners to get top rankings. We are so confident we can help you get to the top of Google, we'll work for 30 days, absolutely FREE.

From site architecture and content creation to link building and cleanup, we've achieved more than 40,000 first page rankings for our clients. If you'd like our help, please sign up for a free SEO Audit & 30 Day Trial today!

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Subscription Based Search Engine Optimization SaaS

Power Linking

With thousands of clients, we have the inventory needed to create only the most relevant links.

Smart Graphs

Log in and track your progress with our easy-to-use dashboard and weekly ranking reports.

Local Preferred

We know our system works, but it works best when geo-targeting cities or metro areas up to 25 miles.


Our Short Story

With more than 15 years in the SEO industry, we've seen hundreds of companies come and go, trying to achieve the results we've achieved for thousands of clients.

  • We care about your businnes
  • We are skilled professionals
  • with Organized SEO Processes
  • Keyword Focused Campaigns
  • Open Monday through Friday
  • Let's Work & Grow Together
Why myPRSite

RAW Performance

No other SEO company provides results as quickly as we do.

There's no secret, it's a mix of making sure your website has all the proper SEO implemented, then getting the most relevant and authoritative websites pointing to you. That's it and that's what we do.
We pride ourselves not on the results we generate, but on our relationships with our clients. From consulting to troubleshooting, we're here to help you grow your business online.
When working to get new customers online, creating your message can be a complicated journey. We work with each customer to ensure that once we get top SEO rankings, their websites and landing pages converts clicks into sales.


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5 star reviews generated


First Page Rankings


Useful Benifits

Subscription Based Search Engine Optimization SaaS

Reliable Company

Work with industry experts with more than 15 years of SEO experience.

Responsive Design

Let us make sure your site is mobile friendly and up-to-date with Google's standards.

Cloud Platform

Log in any time, anywhere to check your rankings, links & content.

Content is King

We create content for each keyword in your campaign, targeted at your ideal customer.

Brand Building Software

(Add-On) Generate reviews, update listings and engage with your social audience seamlessly.

Managed Brand Building

(Add-On) Hand us the keys to your digital properties and we'll take over managing your online brand.


Affordable Packages

Subscription Based Search Engine Optimization SaaS

Local Keywords

$75Per Month
Per Keyword

  • 5 Keyword Minimum
  • Content for Each Keyword
  • Highly Relevant Linking
  • Keyword Must include City or State
  • Weekly Ranking Report Update
  • 24/7Customer Service
30 Days free Trial

National Keywords

$100Per Month
Per Keyword

  • 5 Keyword Minimum
  • Content for Each Keyword
  • Highly Relevant Linking
  • Keywords Don'tInclude City or State
  • Weekly Ranking Report Update
  • 24/7Customer Service
30 Days free Trial

Brand Building Software

$25 Local
$50 NationalPer Month
Per Keyword

  • Monitor & Respond to Reviews
  • Request Feedback & Bypass Yelp
  • Update Local Listings Everywhere
  • Engage with Fans and Followers
  • Get Leads from Twitter
30 Days free Trial

Case Studies

Subscription Based Search Engine Optimization SaaS

3 Local Businesses

We worked with a Plumber, a Caterer & a Matchmaker, all here in sunny Los Angeles

Easy to Install

Each client was able to install our WordPress plugin, all by themselves.

Quick Initial Boost

Each business saw a quick boost in rankings within 48 hours.

Ongoing Solidification

As our work curates over time, rankings continue to increase across the board.

Traffic Follows Rankings

Due to selecting the best keywords, each business is getting qualified leads.

Additional Keywords

All of these clients give us new keywords each month to start working on.

Company Timeline

Amazing Journey

"I started this business because I was tired of working with SEO companies that just took people's money and never really knew how to deliver on their promise. I took on side projects and was able to achieve results with very little effort, and thought, I could make twice as much selling it for half the price, and actually feel good about it."

- Rob Kafka, Founder & CEO

We work every day to improve our systems and identify areas to improve upon. From tweaking how links are evaluated to accomodate for a newGoogle algorithm update to finding new clients to work with to get the most relevant links for another new client, we're always working on getting to the top faster and staying there longer.

  • Jan, 2012
    Development of Premium SEO Plugin begins.
  • Apr, 2013
    Updates made to accomodate Google Penguin Update. Clients went up!
  • Nov, 2014
    Additional updates made to boost e-commerce performance.
  • Dec, 2014
    New page architecture protocol for sites with existing content. Clients went up!
  • May, 2015
    Introduced Brand Building Software & Managed Brand Building Services.
  • Oct, 2015
    Minor updates to linking automation gave big boost for 89% of clients.

Happy Customers

Subscription Based Search Engine Optimization SaaS
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